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NotJustBrowsing® for Android
First version of NotJustBrowsing® for Android is nearly ready. I decided to e-mail this first version to all those registered users of this forum who have used NotJustBrowsing® Desktop and added their feedback and donated a $ to NotJustBrowsing.

What you need to get NotJustBrowsing® for Android
1. Be a registered member of this forum
2. Be a user of NotJustBrowsing® Desktop
3. Write your feedback in NotJustBrowsing® Desktop forum
4. Donate at least a $. Link for donation is the first in the header.

You will receive NotJustBrowsing® for Android to your registered e-mail address. You will get all updates for this first version free of charge.

Be the first to get hold of eagerly waited NotJustBrowsing® for Android. Donate to help me to help you.

Suggestions are welcome.
Separate bookmarks for each of the six browsers
Pre release version is available to download now.

NOTE: This version is for all devices of screen size 5.1".

unzip this file and install NotJustBrowsing.apk

Let me know of your thoughts and suggestions please.
Pre release version 1.0 is available for more device sizes (5.29", 5.7", 10.1"), from

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