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What/Where is Nadia's Treasure of Knowledge
Nadia's Treasure of Knowledge is a book repository where anyone can store/upload their books of URL's (usually called bookmarks) created using NotJustBrowsing web browser or download other people's books of web links from repository.

One of the brightest feature of NotJustBrowsing web browser is to let user save a lot of bookmarks orderly (in a form of a book) with notes written along each saved web page link.

.gif   front_cover.gif (Size: 10.84 KB / Downloads: 843)
.gif   binding.gif (Size: 23.62 KB / Downloads: 857)

Visit NotJustBrowsing for more details about the browser. A user guide of NotJustBrowsing can be looked at here.

Once you know and use NotJustBrowsing web browser for your needs, then you can visit Nadia's Treasure of Knowledge to save your books in this Nadia's repository for other people to share or download other user's books of links.


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