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{loadmodule} in an Article - How To?
It is very powerful to be able to load a module from within an article. An article can be called from a menu item, so this means that a module can be called by using a menu item.

How To?

Step 1: Create a module using Module Manager. This module is of a "Module Type" and it has a "Title"
Step 2: Create an article using Article Manager. Add just one line
                      {loadmodule "Module Type","Title"}    
Step 3: Associate the article created in step 2 with a menu item.

PRE-CONDITION: "Content - Load Module" plugin status should be active. Check by using Plugin Manager.

Everybody says that "IT IS NOT WORKING".


Because the secret is in the "Module Type" that is not explained properly anywhere.
In Joomla installation there is a directory called "modules". In above picture, I copied subdirectories of module directory in front of each Module Type.

Important point to note is that when you write {loadmodule Module Type,Titile of your module}, Module Type is the part of directory name starting after mod_ .

Hence if you have a module named "Committees" of type "Articles - Newsflash, you will write
{loadmodule articles_news,Committees}

For Feed Display module type you will write {loadmodule feed,Latest} (if Latest is the Title of your module}

Now you know where Module Type comes from; once your {loadmodule} parameters are correct, it will work and will show you its power and charm.

No unnecessary space in {loadmodule module_type,title however it was written}
If {loadposition} is working and {loadmodule} is not working then it is highly likely that there is a mistake in writing module type name.

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