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Customized: NotJustBrowsing® for Android
This is the option for those companies who have a large customer/employees base.

Anyone interested?    
Having a dedicated button as a part of browser will enhance a company's exposure to its clients/employees.

This is very little investment for a very effective marketing campaign and to keep your customer's loyalties and attachment to company's products.
In this app, page marker bar image is a 1x3 pixels image. Following is a 32 times enlarged image used in page marker bar. Recommended image format is PNG.    
For page marker buttons app uses 32x32 pixels images (two). One image for unselected page and one image for selected page. Following are original images.    
    selected page marker image

To avoid delay of your chosen choice of reward, please forward your desired images as soon as possible after you make your pledge.

Image Creation: You may use any of the free software; Serif Draw Plus Starter Edition, GIMP, Inkscape, PhotoScape.

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