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We will go through the process step by step, starting from the look and feel of the page outline first.

First thing to know is that a web page is written in two parts
Part 1: Head
Part 2: Body

Head: In this part instructions can be passed on to the reader of this page (a web browser) to follow, to be able to understand the instructions within Body part of the document. HTML , tag pair is used to mark the Head part of the page.

Body: This is where actual instructions are placed that make up a web page.
HTML , tag pair is used to mark the Body part of the page.

In part of our web page template ("index.html"), we are telling browser to look for "default.css" file for styling instructions in a sub-folder called "css".

In the "default.css" we have only one instruction about the body of the page and that is to set body's background to an image "background.jpg" that we placed in "images" directory.

Also, shown in this picture is "background.jpg" and 8x8 pixel image to be used as a background of the of our web page.
The result of actions taken in previous post is shown in the following picture


From above picture, it can be seen that the whole page is a body of the web page and background image that was 8x8 pixels in size is tiled over the whole body area of the page.

If you don't want to have a background color or a background image of your web page, you can omit



in your "default.css" document. It is all about styling of your page, however you want it to be.

If you want to know more about HTML or CSS, visit W3Schools

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