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TEMPLATE CONSTRUCTION - I - abdulkarim - 10-16-2015

Everyone should be able to construct templates and hence web pages by following a set of principles and using some very basic knowledge of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascade Style Sheet).

My aim is to enable a person, 10-80 years of age, to construct templates with ease.

Follow these steps and you will have no difficulty in creating your desired template.

Stage 1
Step 1: Drawing your template by hand with a pencil on a paper.
Step 2a: Drawing your template on a computer using a drawing application. For example see this
Step 2b: Optional - Copy & Paste similar contents to what you want in your web page from other web sites.

Use Paint program in your computer for drawing template.

Stage 2
Step 1: Choose a name for your template
Step 2: Create a directory/folder of the name of your template
Step 3: Create sub directories/folders "css", "images", "scripts"
Step 4: Create an empty file "index.html" and place it in your template named directory/folder
Step 5: Create an empty file "default.css" and place it in the sub directory/folder named "css"

Stage 3
Step 1: Logically splitting your template into portions using a drawing/graphics application.
Step 2: Starting construction of template using HTML and CSS, one portion at a time.

Use notepad++ for editing your files (index.html, default.css).