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@dvertise here - abdulkarim - 01-22-2020

[Image: adhere2.png] is an advertising solution for website owners.

Visit @dvertise here

Register yourself and start selling your website spaces in minutes.

If you are a website owner or a representiative/controller of many websites, you can allocate a particular space in a website and offer this space to potential advertisers using @dvertise here.

Note: Trial of "@dvertise here" will continue for a few more days. You may advertise on the by using your PayPal SandBox account (if you ahve) for a few days on trial basis.

dvertise here - Damajeome - 02-24-2020

Many thanks for the information. Now I will know it.

RE: @dvertise here - abdulkarim - 02-24-2020

Your website @dvertised here now. You can monitor the status of your advertisement by visiting

Anyone else (registered members) may wish to have their website @dvertised here on this forum, please let me know.