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Template Import - Preparations - abdulkarim - 04-26-2016

Once you have your required template ready, you can modify/add a few things in your existing template files to make them usable in Joomla system as a Joomla template.

  1. Change the name of index.html to index.php and add some relevant information at the top of the file.
  2. Create and add templateDetails.xml in the same folder/directory
  3. Compress the directory into a .zip file to be able to import it in Joomla

RE: Template Import - Preparations - abdulkarim - 04-27-2016

As an example I show you files behind NotJustBrowsing website.

Here is a template skeleton diagram with position names written within position space.

The changes made in index.php (previously index.html) are shown in the following picture.

In this picture, paths to .css files are changed to make them point to the actual folder inside Joomla system. Notice that within this path there will be template name (templates/{template name}/...) given by you to your newly created template.

< body > section of index.php remains untouched.

RE: Template Import - Preparations - abdulkarim - 04-28-2016

Next step is to create templateDetails.xml file.

File shown in picture below is templateDetails.xml of NotJustBrowsing website.

For each position in templateDetails.xml there should be one line of Joomla module inclusion in index.php at those content positions (within named divs). This step can be performed at a later stage when contents for those positions are ready to be included.
See picture below for module inclusion lines in index.php of NotJustBrowsing website.

The only thing left in your preparations is to compress your directory and its files into a .zip file. This .zip will be imported from within Joomla and be used as your website template by Joomla for you.