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Brief Introduction - abdulkarim - 04-24-2016

Joomla is a Content Management System based on PHP/MySQL, popular and widely used at present.

A few things to remember about Joomla terminology
  1. Template: A hollow web page structure just like the one we constructed in TEMPLATE CONSTRUCTION series of posts.
  2. Category: Think of the term "Category" in Joomla as "Directory" or "Folder" in a file system.
  3. Article: An "Article" in Joomla term is information that you want to show on your web page as a one piece.
  4. Module: A module is a specific piece of code, written in PHP and is part of Joomla System. All predefined tasks are done by specific modules for that task.

  • We will be modifying our template constructed earlier, to enable our template to be imported into Joomla.
  • For Joomla operational purposes, create "categories" and associate appropriate "articles" to them.
  • Most of our work for creating a website is already complete. We have already created a template and designed layout for all contents in our web page.

Last but not least, learn to use Joomla by using it.