Full Version: Laptops/Netbooks disposal/exchange service
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Your spare/repair or working but not required laptop will be collected from your home for a little charge. Price you pay is to collect your laptop/netbook from your home address. Service is initially limited to England.

If you give a working laptop/netbook then that will entitle you (on priority) to get a similar/better working laptop/netbook at some other time for the price of delivery to your home. This price will be similar or same as of the price to collect a laptop/netbook.

Your Laptop/Netbook will be recycled and be made available to other deserved people at the same price.

This price to collect and deliver laptop/netbook is £20 for now.[/li]
Your laptop/netbook will be picked up at an agreed day/time.
This service is for private non-commercial customers.
The service is initially available in England.

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