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This is the option for those companies who have a large customer/employees base.

Anyone interested?[attachment=15]
Having a dedicated button as a part of browser will enhance a company's exposure to its clients/employees.

This is very little investment for a very effective marketing campaign and to keep your customer's loyalties and attachment to company's products.
In this app, page marker bar image is a 1x3 pixels image. Following is a 32 times enlarged image used in page marker bar. Recommended image format is PNG.[attachment=18]
For page marker buttons app uses 32x32 pixels images (two). One image for unselected page and one image for selected page. Following are original images.[attachment=19]
[attachment=20]selected page marker image

To avoid delay of your chosen choice of reward, please forward your desired images as soon as possible after you make your pledge.

Image Creation: You may use any of the free software; Serif Draw Plus Starter Edition, GIMP, Inkscape, PhotoScape.